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What is Chiropractic?
  • Chiropractic is an art, science, and philosophy aimed at maximizing the inherent recuperative powers of the body to heal itself.  Chiropractors focus on a properly functioning nervous system which happens to be protected by the bony skull and spinal column.  This is why they are often seen as "back" or "bone" doctors, when in fact, the main objective is to restore structure and proper function of nerve instruction throughout the entire mind-body system.  We believe deeply that the body is designed to be whole and can heal itself if all interference is removed.
What is a Chiropractic Adjustment?  Is it safe??
  • Firstly, Chiropractic adjustments are very safe.  One of the best indicators of evidence of this truth is to compare the practice liability rate of different health care providers.  Insurance companies do extensive quantitative research to limit any and all risk to their bottom lines.  Knowing this, they look at all the statistics of injury and come up with a very calculated number to assign to a profession's risk.  The yearly premiums reflect if they are low or high risk for causing any injury or harm.  We will disclose openly that our premiums are less than $500 per YEAR indicated we are extremely sage and effective at what we do.  Ever wonder what your pediatrician, family physician, or obstetrician is paying?  This is a very small fraction of their higher risk premiums.  
  • Secondly, an adjustment is specific, gently applied safe pressure to an area around the nervous system which is stuck and no longer moving properly.  This improper structure leads to improper function.  We restore motion, structure, and function through movement.  
Does it hurt?  And what is that "pop" sound I have heard before?
  • The "pop" sound sometimes heard in the joints is from gas bubbles being released as the joint experiences a change in pressure.  It does not indicate anything relevant to us.  We are not trying to make that noise nor do we need to hear it to know if we completed the adjustment.  Many techniques involve absolutely no sound whatsoever and deliver powerful, fast results in healing.  Adjustments do not hurt.  Your soft tissue may be inflamed and painful from previous dysfunction, and this may affect your interpretation of pressure during an adjustment.
Do I need to see a Chiropractor even if I'm not hurting?
  • Yes- prevention is key to a long healthy life.  If we phrased it like this, would it make more sense?:  "Do I need to exercise even if I'm not overweight?" or "Do I need to see the dentist for checkups even if my teeth don't hurt?"  Prevention is the key to not letting something small and silent grow into something painful, large, and very loud.  Just as you get your eyes checked, you teeth cleaned and checked, having your spine (which houses your nervous system) checked to prevent long standing dysfunction is important to leading a healthy lifestyle. 
How old should my kids be to get adjusted?
  • We see people from infancy to 120.  Yes, babies, in all of their perfection and glory, undergo a tremendous amount of stress and strain in today's modern birth scenario.  Birthing traumas from induction, monitoring, cesareans, drugs, isolation, and forceps can create stress and problems which may lead to disrupted function later.  Ear infections, colic, and digestive disorders have all been associated with birthing traumas in multiple studies.  Adjustments are easily modified and are gentle and comfortable.  

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